Seaga SM23 / SC5200 Combo Vending Machine

Seaga SM23 / SC5200 Combo Vending Machine

This compact combination vending machine has all the features of our premium equipment. The top two trays are designed to feature wide products like chips and pastries, while the third tray is designed to display small packaged candy. The bottom section of the machine dispenses cold beverages. It is preset to vend 3 selections of 12 oz. cans and 3 selections of 16.9 oz or 20 oz bottles. Energy drinks in small cans, like Red Bull 8.4 oz, can be also be vended if a kit is installed. The payment system is housed on the top right side of the cabinet and the components are installed on a vertical slide out shelf designed for easy access.


Advanced Controls

  • Fully Programmable
  • Individual Selection Pricing up to 99.95
  • Full Sales Reporting
  • Credit/Debit Card Ready


Intelligent Design

  • Industry Standard MDB Protocol
  • MDB Change Giver Ready
  • MDB Note Validator Ready
  • MDB Cashless Ready
  • Customer Friendly Display
  • All Metal Product Trays Tilt for Easy Load
  • Anti-Theft Design
  • Easy Touch Keypad
  • Chilled Drinks Unit
  • LED Lighting


Energy Efficient

  • Energy Efficient Refrigeration System
  • CFC Free


Location Friendly

  • Space Conscious Design
  • Quiet, Office Friendly Operation
  • Modular Units for Easy Logistics

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